Silver Princess

A work commissioned by a client in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, as a driveway entrance water feature. Inspired by the client's late husband’s favourite tree, the Eucalyptus caesia ‘Silver Princess’ and not wanting to take away from the natural surroundings.

The 66 delicate copper water fed leaves are individually handcrafted, gently weeping over the locally sourced river stones where the water just seemingly disappears.

All supported by the intertwining trunk that sits within local wetland grasses and rushes. The tree will slowly gain a stunning greeny/blue patina over the years, adding another element to this piece.

The sculpture is dedicated to the loving memory of Rod Gray 1950 - 2009

Dimensions: 1800mm L x 1200mm W x 1900mm H


Rubix Cube

After transporting the Silver Princess sculpture from Perth over to Victoria I couldn’t bring myself to just throw out the crate that it was transported in. Like many things these days, they are just too easily thrown away and I didn’t want to contribute to that.

Being on a large property and knowing my client loves  vibrant colours I wanted to create something that would catch your eye from across the property and look like it had just fallen from the sky, so it would draw  you into wanting to inspect it through the stunningly landscaped gardens.

Dimensions: 1800mm L x 1200mm W x 1900mm H


R&E Wedding Arbor

Built as my gift to the bride and groom, not only to be married under but as an entrance piece to their new home. The doves represent the number of years they had dated for and how they have grown together, taking off into their new chapter of life as one.

The design was challenging, getting 250kg of jarrah and steel to stand on its own, without doing any damage to the venue’s grounds while still having a seamless base, being easily transportable, quick to set up on the day of the wedding and still working in the space it was to be installed at their new home post wedding.
A big thanks to Brooke Wilson for working with me and designing/making a stunning floral display to complete the arbor for the big day.

Dimensions: 1900mm L x 200mm W x 2500mm H

Wedding photographs by Cameron Entwistle Photography


Piano Liquor Display

As the saying goes “One man's trash is another man’s treasure"Completely made from recyclable goods, this upright piano was no longer tuneable, not in the best condition and going to be thrown away.

I wanted to turn it into some type of display to be able to show off the beautiful internals of a piano you don't normally see. I ended up settling on a liquor display, considering music and alcohol go hand in hand.

Dimensions: 1600mm L x 550mm W x 1500mm H



I love the simplistic look of wire sculptures, like it has just been drawn onto the background surface, but when caught with the right lighting, as you move around the room, the silhouette brings out another dimension.

‘Connect’ depicts when two people meet and connect on another level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. - Yet even such a deep connection can be very fragile.

Dimensions: 600mm L x 235mm W x 570mm H



My very first sculpture, built to be displayed at a music school I co-owned at the time. Growing up playing the sax it was only natural that I did a sculpture of a person playing the saxophone. Not designed around anything/anyone in particular just out of a pure interest in metalwork and to see what I could produce: this is what came of it.

Dimensions: 500mm L x 1100mm W x 1950mm H


Project Yarra Valley

Bedroom Design & Construction