Fluidity of Light

Dispersion - Zig Zag Gallery 2023
This work focuses on the interplay of reflected light, creating a mesmerising effect known as caustics. The artwork goes beyond the physical object, with the apparent dimensionality of the projections being realised by the undulations in the surface topology of the stainless steel form. These delicate projections create the liquidity and physicality of energy rather than of the matter that makes up the sculptural form.The sculpture is created using experimental material manipulation through the transformative process of metal inflation. It is a way of sculpting that breathes life into metal and transforms steel from a flat and unpliable state into something soft, fluid and organic.As viewers move around the sculpture, The mirrored surface reflects and refracts the surrounding environment, creating a dynamic interplay of colour, texture, and form.The artist has created a work that invites the viewer to contemplate the nature of light and its relationship to matter.
Dimensions: 200 H x 55 W x 58cm D  
Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Electronics