Sap On Their Hands

York Botanical Art Awards Finalist - 2021
The lungs of the Earth, now the dust in our lungs, forever, we have their sap on our hands.Once the guardian of the South West, Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) trees are under constant threat from human impacts and a rapidly changing climate. With 37 ovals of jarrah forest being cleared for bauxite mining alone each week, the iconic giant is exceedingly vulnerable. While trees are essential to the formation and perseveration of the Earth's biosphere – offering invaluable services such as oxygen production, carbon capture and storage, promoting biodiversity, and contributing significantly to our economies and well-being – we are far from having a reciprocal relationship.
Delicately welded, forged, and ground recycled stainless steel forms the looming skeleton of the majestic soaring Jarrah. Inspired by aspects of ancient aboriginal bushcraft, I realised the potential of reworking the rich red-toned resin from another WA favourite, the Balga tree (Xanthorrhoea preissii), to over exemplify the bleeding Jarrah forests. This piece pays tribute to a rare and beautiful species, whom we will forever be indebted to.
Dimensions: 780mm H x 570mm W x 420mm D  
Stainless steel, Balga resin
Thanks to Josh Hopkins from Open Corridor, for the impact management consulting and fabrication assistance.