Breaking Ground

108 St Georges Terrace, Perth - South32 tower.

Commissioned by Brookfield Properties, 'Breaking Ground' is a celebration of hope, growth, adaptation and a brighter future. Recycled materials from recent building works were utilised for the installation while maintaining a sense of balance, strength, and elegance. Symbolic of returning used material to its source for a new beginning, finding inspiration in nature and the lifecycle of a seedling, which germinates, grows into a plant, develops flowers that are pollinated and fertilised, then again produces seeds; thus repeating the cycle. Reflecting its natural surroundings ‘Breaking Ground’ will adapt its look depending on the weather and time of day.

Dimensions: 470cm H x 230cm W x 190cm D
Stainless steel, Tempered Glass, Resin, Mild steel, Paint

Brookfield Properties
aMBUSH Gallery